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Corfu Old Town

What to do & see

For hundreds of years, Corfu has been a crossroads of civilisations. And nowhere is this more obvious than in and around Corfu’s Old Town. Protected by two massive fortresses, built by the Venetians, the town itself is a joy to wander through. Town planning, it seems, was unknown to Corfu’s conquerors and builders! Hidden narrow alleyways, and marble steps go up or down, leading onto little plazas, surrounded by terracota roofed and oddly shaped buildings, or elegant mansions. Here and there, a wrought iron gate and behind it a little secret garden, framed in bougainvillea and wisteria. The Îœuseum of Asian Art, housing a massive collection of Chinese, Japanese and Indian Art, is well worth visiting. It is in the Palace of St. George and St.Michael, overlooking the cricket pitch in Corfu’s main square. A British legacy, together with ginger beer, cricket is still played in Corfu. If you are lucky you can catch a game, to be watched sitting in the cool shade of the trees, sipping your favorite beverage in one of the many cafes lining one side of the pitch. On the other side of the square is the Old Fortress, complete with small moat and bridge. Inside you can walk all around, through small tunnels and archways, or go up to the top pf the castle for the best view over the town. From here you will see the other fortress too, known as the New Fortress, much bigger and built in 1577 to protect the island from the Turks. For those interested in more history, Corfu’s Archaelogical Museum, has recently undergone a big restoration, and here you can see artifacts documenting Corfu’s passage through time going back to prehistoric times even. Needless to say, the town is dotted with a great number of marvellous restaurants and tavernas, where you can taste the local cuisine and wine. Whatever your choice, quaint and friendly or posh and elegant, you will surely find it, hidden maybe just around the next corner. Corfu Town feels and looks like a filmset, why not make yourselves the stars for a day?


  • Old Fortress
  • Esplanade/Liston
  • Museum of Asian Art
  • Palace of St.George and St. Michael
  • New Fortress
  • St. Spiridon’s Church

Getting Here

Corfu Town is easily accessible by car, just follow the signs and make your way to main square where you will find paid parking. Alternatively the Number 8 Bus, stops just outside Aqualand, and will take you to San Rocco Square, the heart of Corfu’s busy shopping district and only a 5 min walk away from the Old Town.