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Area Guide

Corfu, a beautiful island filled with wonderful places to explore and discover

Corfu Island has a lot to offer, due to its unique geographical location, and its fairly large size. Historically it has been a crossroads of civilisations, and they have all left their mark in the monuments and architecture to be seen here. The more mountainous North part of Corfu, offers incredibly scenic views. And with distinct differences between the Northeast, West or South coasts of the island you will find a great variety of beaches and locations to explore and enjoy the sun and the sea..
Here you will find a few suggestions and info about them.

Things to do


With the Venetian, French and British Empires having conquered Corfu and protected the island at various times throughout history, and with an ancient history going back to the times of Homer and the Trojan War at least, Corfu is rich in sights to see. With stunning views, picturesque hamlets perched on mountains or fishing villages along the coast, the island has plenty of sights to see and explore.

Things to do


The island of Corfu has a distinctly different North and South part, with the North being more mountainous and the South fairly flat with some hills. The beaches on the Northeast coast tend to be smaller and with pebbles, and by renting a small boat you can find even little private coves with no access other than by the sea. On the northern “top” of the island, are sandy beaches at the bottom of tall cliffs, and on the Western side, facing the open sea, a mix of long sandy beaches and a more wild, rocky coast. The South finally has the longest sandiest beaches, some of them almost 2 miles long!